About Hilltop Wesleyan Church:

We are a smaller church where our pastors our knowable and offer the ministry of discipleship and care. We seek to love God and one another.

Our church was founded in 1908. Inside you will find people who are willing to know you and do life with you. Inside there is a great opportunity to learn the truth of God's Word. As we learn about who God really is, as revealed by Jesus Christ, we learn that we are to engage the world in order to redeem it. Through the aid of The Holy Spirit, and God's Word, there is great opportunity to bring what is inside to the outside world. We are not a church that spends time judging the world, because our focus is with Jesus, and joining Him, as He seeks to redeem the world. We understand that our mission is to reach people in Liberty and our surrounding communities.

Our goal is to show people the way to a better life through a better understanding of God. Our purpose for existing is so that we can be a blessing to Liberty and our surrounding communities. We value the Kingdom life in which we value Jesus and others. We believe this is most attractive to those who are disconnected from faith in Jesus Christ.